World Earth Day 2023

Do you know on the 22nd April we celebrate World Earth Day?

I know it can feel like we have a lot of days to celebrate a lot of different things, some of these are very silly, such as No Pant Day (which is great for pandas because we never pants) but some are much more important, like World Earth Day.

This is a day to celebrate our lovely planet, and to encourage people to do more to protect it. Here at The Cheeky Panda, we aren’t just panda lovers, we are EARTH lovers, and that’s why your favourite neighbourhood pandas are here to tell you that small changes can make a big difference! Here are some of our favourite sustainable tips:

Slow Fashion

The term ‘fast fashion’ refers to the speedy production of poor-quality clothing and I know you’re sat there thinking about that brand new top in your wardrobe, tags still intact collecting dust.

The fashion industry is the third largest polluter after food and construction, but the good news is fast fashion is out and slow fashion is in!

  • Re-wear what’s in your wardrobe, you don’t need another winter jumper I promise.
  • Use second hand clothing sites, such as Depop, Vinted and eBay and give unwanted pieces of clothing a loving new home.
  • Do clothes swaps with your friends and family
  • Check out your local charity shop, you never know you might find a hidden gem whilst contributing to a great cause.

Plant Based Eating

An easy-peasy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy more plant-based products - one gram of animal protein has a 7.5% higher carbon footprint than one gram of plant protein *adds lentils to shopping basket*. If you skipped eating meat and cheese one per week with your family, it would be the equivalent of taking your car off the road for five weeks. I told you; small changes have big impacts!

Bee Friendly Garden 

That’s right, we might be panda lovers, but we know how important the bees are to our ecosystem. Bees pollinate the food we eat and many of the trees and flowers that provide habitats for wildlife. Feeling green this spring? Try planting these bee friendly plants in your garden:

  • Bee balm
  • Lavender
  • White Clover
  • Pot Marigold
  • Honeysuckle

Cheeky Panda Products

You didn’t really think you would make it through this blog post without mentioning ourselves, did you? Our sustainable range of products have minimal environmental consequences, we made sure of it. We carbon balance our products in partnership with the World Land Trust - we sponsor conservation work in the Khe Nuoc Trong, protecting lowland rainforest in the Annamite mountains of Central Vietnam. Below are some photos we recently received. 

Photo Credit - The World Land Trust 

Photo Credit - The World Land Trust

Photo Credit - The World Land Trust 

Let us know what you did for World Earth Day in the comments section below!

With love,

The Cheeky Panda x

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