Our new bamboo core!

Sustainable to the core

Hello, friends. How are we?

Here at Cheeky Panda, we’re all about sustainability, being eco-friendly, and having as little impact on the Earth as possible. You all know that by now, if you don’t, we need to have a serious chat.

We do this by making products out of fast-growing bamboo, which can be cut down repeatedly - unlike our green friends, trees.

Plus, bamboo actually likes being made into loo roll and other essentials, we’ve asked. It’s fine. In fact, bamboo is fulfilling its eco duty by wiping your booty.

Now, as much as we’d like it to be the case, we can’t make every aspect of our products out of bamboo. Things like the packaging needs to be made from paper, cardboard or recyclable plastic, because we haven’t figured out how to make them from our favourite material just yet.

However, very recently, like super recently, we figured out how to make the core of our loo rolls out of bamboo, rather than cardboard.

So what?

So what?! What do you mean ‘so what?’. Rude.

This is what.

It means we’re using less paper-based cardboard in our products and therefore, less trees.

Trees aren’t just something nice to sit under or swing from. They’re pivotal to our ecosystem – by keeping carbon in the ground, where it belongs, they keep the Earth’s temperature regulated.

Not only that, but they also supply us with oxygen and habitats for our lovely animals. By switching to bamboo, our loo roll is now fully tree-friendly.

But that’s not all, folks. Our new core is a massive, enormous, GIANT 3mm SMALLER than our original cardboard innards from yesteryear.

Soooo what?

Stop saying that.

3mm might seem small, but it makes a huge difference when it comes to shipping our bamboo toilet tissue.

Basically, with this smaller core, we’re able to fit more rolls onto more pallets. That means we can fit more boxes into one shipment. THAT means we save on our carbon emissions because we don’t need to make more trips during shipping.

Our brand-new mini core also means we ship less air. Think about it – look through a loo roll and all you see is air. With a smaller core, less of that air gets packed into our boxes, just more tissue.


DON’T say it again.

What we’re trying to say is, we’ve made a small change to our existing range of eco-friendly bamboo loo roll for the sake of creating a better, more sustainable product which has less of an impact on our planet.

We’ve made a small change, but it makes a big difference.

We fully believe that you also have the power to make small changes that can have a massive impact on the health of our planet.

Just a small switch (literally, turn off your lights) can help. And with the planet in the state that it’s currently in (see: Climate Change), it needs every tiny little bit of help it can get.

We’re encouraging you to make a small change to have a big difference. It may seem insignificant, but what we do now might just effect our future.

Now go buy a bag for life.

Team Cheeky Panda x

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