Our favourite animal-saving friends! - World Animal Day 2021

Hey there you lovely lot!

Did you know that October 4th is World Animal Day?

It’s a day to celebrate the animals that call our lovely planet home, and raise awareness to the mistreating of many species across the globe.

As animal lovers ourselves (we don’t just love pandas, you know), we wanted to highlight a bunch of our buddies who are doing amazing work for all non-humans across the world. Because without animals, the world would be quite a boring place, wouldn’t it? Imagine no dogs? Or elephants? Or PANDAS?

We’d just be called ‘The Cheeky’, and that doesn’t make sense at all…


Fauna Brewing

Fauna is a new craft beer brand dedicated to helping fund the conservation of endangered wildlife. With each beer, they partner with a charity that helps address the issues facing these animals. Fauna believe that everyone should do their bit to prevent species decline, and it can be as simple as drinking a beer.

Their beautifully designed range includes a Cheetah Lager, which helps protect cheetahs from losing their habitat to humans, a Wild Dog IPA which aims to protect the habitats of wild dogs, and a Pango Table Beer, which intends to protect pangolins from illegal poaching. 

Fauna is brewing goodness for a better planet, and trust us, it’s delicious.


You may have heard us talking about these guys before, mainly because they’re amazing. WDC stands for Whale and Dolphin Conservation, who are represented by Team Ocean in our Earth, Ocean & People initiative.

These guys help conserve marine life, in particular whales and dolphins (it’s in the name) and their efforts help protect our ocean-dwelling friends as well as fighting to end captivity, stop whaling – which kills around 1500 whales a year, and even more dolphins, and create healthier seas. 

Team Ocean are helping to support them by taking part in beach clean ups and giving part of profits from baby bundles sold directly to this amazing sea-themed charity.

The Vegan Society

We’ve shown off our ‘Certified Vegan’ badge for quite a while now. What it means is – our products are free from animal ingredients, meaning no animals are harmed during the production of our bamboo-based essentials.

To qualify, we must not involve, or have previously involved, animal product, by-product or derivative in the production of our products.

We’re proud to be not only Certified Vegan, but Cruelty Free, too, meaning we never have, and never will, test on animals. This is one of our many commitments to providing you with ethical, natural, and eco-friendly products.

Speaking of which…

We want you to know that our products have as little effect on habitats and ecosystems as possible. We get asked a lot about whether our bamboo is the kind which pandas eat, and we can confidently say no. 

Pandas are notoriously picky, and the bamboo we use doesn’t taste great to them. And because we harvest our bamboo above the root, it grows back super-fast, meaning we don’t disrupt the soil beneath by tearing up the structured root system keeping the ground in place.

We love animals, and we’ll continue to support them as much as we can, not just on World Animal Day.

Team Cheeky Panda x

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