5 Black Friday Brands to Buy from While Doing Good

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It’s that time of the year again – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Brands across the globe come together to offer the best deals, to try and lure you in with amazing discounts to get you to spend your hard-earned cash. For many, Black Friday deals are the ideal opportunity to buy some early Christmas gifts for the family – especially if you don’t have that much to spend.

However, Black Friday has a serious impact on the planet, too. Fast fashion items and plastic products are being purchased because of a juicy deal, but soon, they’ll add to the amount of waste already littering our landfills and oceans. Due to this, many sustainable and eco-friendly brands have opted out of Black Friday deals entirely, while others have found a way to make use of the Black Friday hype to do good.

We’ve made a handy list with 5 brands that are giving you an amazing discount all while helping the planet!

Boma Jewelry and The Boma Girl Fund

Boma Jewelry is a family-owned business selling a range of jewelry. Boma is a sustainable business ensuring all their workers earn a living wage, using materials that are conflict-free and do not come from mines but from OSHA-certified vendors. For Black Friday, customers can choose to donate their 25% Black Friday discount to be donated to the Boma Girl Fund supporting workers and their families during the pandemic.

Miir and Black Girl Ventures

Miir is a drinkware brand known for selling a range of cute cups and bottles for all occasions, even offering customizations! For Black Friday, Miir is donating 100% of their revenue to Black Girl Ventures, an American organization that empowers and supports black women and black women-lead businesses.

BeYou and the Sakhi Project

This UK based brand focuses on female care – from menstrual cups to monthly patches and even CBD. BeYou is also partnering with the Sakhi Project, an initiative that aims to educate and empower women in India. According to BeYou, Over 70% of women in India don’t know what sanitary towels are or how to use them. Along with educating women and girls within poorer communities, the brand has also supplied over 1000 schoolgirls in India with sanitary products!  

For Black Friday, BeYou has decided to donate 100% of their Black Friday weekend revenue to the Project, helping the Sakhi Project in their fight against period poverty.

In case you’re in need of sanitary products, BeYou is your first choice this year!

There's an honourable mention here for Joy Organics, as well, who produce organic CBD oils and pain-relieving gummies which are very helpful for women as they help to alleviate menstrual pain.

Angela Roi and Feeding America

In need of a fashionable and vegan bag? Angela Roi is a luxury bag brand using vegan leather for their stunning products. According to them, they want to transform the way we think about fashion with ethical products that are good for all creatures. Last year, Angela Roi started the “Rebel Against Black Friday” initiative– essentially making a statement highlighting the harmful impact Black Friday has on our planet and people every year.

By doing so, Angela Roi encourages every customer to donate at least £1/1$ between November 23rd and December 2nd to Feeding America or another non-profit organisation. Emailing the receipt or a screenshot of your donation to Angela Roi will get you a 20% discount code for your next purchase.

Nordgreen watches

Nordgreen is a Danish business that creates beautiful watches with vegan options. The brand is keen on promoting sustainable initiatives, such as partnering with Social Bite UK and Second Harvest Japan to provide 8966 meals to people in need during their Christmas 2019 Campaign. Nordgreen are also carbon neutral, offsetting their production emissions by planting trees – just like The Cheeky Panda! Their packaging is also made of FSC-certified cartons and upcycled plastic bottles.

But there’s more: each customer automatically becomes part of Nordgreen’s Giving Back Programme, which lets you choose between three charities: Water for Good, Cool Earth and Pratham UK. A part of the revenue from your purchase then goes directly to your chosen charity! According to Nordgreen, the brand wants to make sure you feel good not just about the watch you buy, but about what your watch stands for.

The Cheeky Panda are taking part in Black Friday, you can save 30% off of our range of bamboo products. We balance the excess carbon produced by the production of our products, so shopping with us won't cost the Earth! Also, A part of our revenue goes to the World Land Trust to plant trees and help save our rainforests.

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