A Cheeky day at the Zoo!

What do you call a group of pandas? An embarrassment.

What do you call a group of cheeky pandas heading to the zoo? An embarrassment.

Just kidding. We haven’t just insulted our entire workforce by calling them an embarrassment, that’s literally the term given for a group of pandas. Please don’t call HR.


We went to the zoo!

We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo…

As part of our ongoing partnership with Edinburgh Zoo (and because it was our co-founders’ birthday, Happy Birthday Julie!) we decided to drop by and say hello to our favourite animals. 

We hopped on the train from London to make the 4-and-a-bit hour journey to the Scottish capital - all in the name of a team day out.

After disembarking from the train, we were met by the luscious sound of bagpipes echoing around Waverley station as we made our way to our hotel.

Once we’d dropped off our bags full of bamboo (actually full of clothes and toiletries but just pretend, ok?) we made our way to the magical kingdom that is Edinburgh Zoo. 

When we arrived, we were lucky enough to be offered an exclusive chance to feed not one, but TWO amazing animals.

The first had a long neck and a seemingly even longer tongue…

These gentle giant Giraffes seemed to enjoy some carrot treats supplied by the paws of your favourite cheeky pandas, but not as much as we enjoyed feeding them!

Next up, our co-founders Chris and Julie were lucky enough to be blessed with giving our favourite black and white bears some tasty treats.

It was an honour and a pleasure to see the incredible Giant Pandas up close, especially after years of producing bamboo products!

Our support for the zoo

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on the zoo, and we wanted to help make sure they have the support they needed before they could finally open again now that restrictions have been lifted. 

That’s why we pledged £50k to their recent Crowdfunder campaign, which allowed the zoo to keep running during lockdown when their doors were closed to the public.

If you pledged to the Crowdfunder, you were in with the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have your very own private tour of the zoo, feed the animals and stay in a super fancy hotel!

Our donation, plus the support from you, the wonderful public, has allowed the zoo to continue to provide food and care for their incredible animals. Through their Crowdfunder, they raised an incredible £200k!

They’ve also been able to keep up their amazing conservation work and research thanks to ours, and your support.

Following the recent news that Giant Pandas are no longer classed as endangered, David Field, RZSS chief executive, responded: “Giant pandas have long been a symbol for wildlife conservation across the globe and incredible ambassadors, raising awareness of the threats their species, and far too many others, face in the wild. 

“Thanks to the work of dedicated conservationists in China and around the world, pandas are now also a symbol of hope as our planet faces a biodiversity crisis. 

“When people and communities work together, we can save animals from extinction and create real change for the better.

“Tian Tian and Yang Guang play a critically important role in attracting and engaging hundreds of thousands of visitors to Edinburgh Zoo each year so more people can learn about the threats animals face in the wild and the action they can take to help. Their power to connect people with nature and encourage behaviour change is invaluable.”


Panda Cam!


If you want to see your favourite black and white bears in live action, check out Panda Cam!

Head here to check out what Edinburgh Zoo’s resident folivores are up to (that means they specialise in eating leaves, by the way).

What’s better, or more relaxing, than sitting and watching pandas munch on bamboo and sleeping? Nothing. That’s what.

We are as proud as pandas to be supporting Edinburgh Zoo, because we love big, bamboo-munching, black and white bears and we both share a passion for conservation.

We want to thank the zoo for having us and letting us interact so closely with their animals.

We want to work with this special zoo to raise awareness of the need to protect wildlife worldwide and create a more sustainable planet for future generations.

And if that means we get to feed more Giraffes and Pandas, so be it.


Team Cheeky Panda x

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